Cloudberry Clean Energy Annual report 2020

Cloudberry Annual report 2020 Financial statements 140 Note 14 Intercompany items between companies in the same group The Company has the following balance sheet item recognised to group companies NOK 1 000 2020 2019 Receivabls Loans to companies in the same group 248 419 - Other short-term receivables within the group 467 - Total 248 886 - Liabilities Debt to suppliers within the group 251 - Total 251 - As per 31 December there were no employee or shareholder loans. Note 15 Subsequent events Repayment of short-term debt to Fontavis On 19 March Cloudberry Clean Energy AS repaid the short term interest bearing debt of NOK 236.8 million to Fontavis Forte HYDRO S.A R.L. The debt was related to the acquisition of she shares in Forte Energy Norway AS in November 2020. Note 16 Covid-19 Overall, the pandemic had limited impact on The companys business in 2020. The company focus on protect- ing the employees, partners and other stakeholders whilst ensuring that we operate the business in the best possible way.