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Reinventing growth
– the collaboration imperative
By Gabrielle Walker
Chasing New Ideas
All too often, growing a business and combatting climate change
are considered to be two conflicting goals. In Statkraft, we strongly
believe that creating a resilient business and tackling climate issues
must go hand in hand. You cannot achieve the first objective,
without addressing the second. Climate change is real, and it is
affecting the daily lives of millions of people, all over the world.
It is high on the political agenda, and the climate debate is forming
both political and popular discourse. Any company that wants to
thrive must take this mass movement into consideration and act
accordingly, to avoid becoming the Kodak Company of our time.
It was Statkraft CEO, Christian Rynning-Tønnesen’s personal initiative
to invite a group of scientists, business leaders and NGO’s to the
first Climate Roundtable at Vang Gård. He hoped to create an arena
where a small group of people could come together to share ideas,
knowledge and experience, and to explore the power of collaboration
across disciplines. One output from the Climate Roundtable at
Vang Gård, is this booklet. A booklet designed to share some of
our thoughts with a wider audience. Another output is the fact that
the Climate Roundtable will be a regular event, hopefully creating a
setting for in-depth discussions, knowledge sharing, and inspiring
us all to chase new ideas for how to achieve growth and progress
whilst tackling climate change.
To set the tone in this booklet, we invited Professor Hans Joachim
Schellnhuber, the father of the 2 degrees trajectory, to present his
thoughts on tipping points, non-linearities and inequalities. His story
is important, outlining how the developing world is now footing the
bill for growth in the developed world and how the urgency of the issue
is irrefutable. What can we do to curb climate change? How can we
reduce inequalities? And how do we secure resilient businesses?
These are the million dollar questions. And we hope that input from
McKinsey partner and member of the New Climate Economy initiative,
Jeremy Oppenheim, chief scientist in Xyntéo, Gabrielle Walker and
Myles Allen will help us all to get closer to some of the answers.
Their perspectives are different, but they all point us in the same
direction – business, politics and organisations need to collaborate
to make brave, long-term decisions to secure a sustainable future.
Choices businesses have to make today might seem risky, but at
the end of the day, not making them can be the riskiest path of all.
By Bente E. Engesland
SVP Corporate Communication, Statkraft
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